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O'Sullivan M.;Kerry J.
2012 June
Handbook of Meat, Poultry and Seafood Quality
Packaging of (Fresh and Frozen) Pork
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Active packaging Antimicrobial agents Controlled atmosphere packs Frozen pork Low O2 modified atmosphere packaging pork Modified atmosphere packaging-high O2 packaged pork Vacuum packaging Vitamin E
The primary objective of packaging of fresh and processed meats is the limitation and retardation of the growth of spoilage and pathogenic organisms, followed by maintaining the optimal sensory characteristics within the shelf-life specification of the product. Generally, there are four different packaging formats for pork products: high oxygen modified atmosphere packs (high O2 MAP), low oxygen modified atmosphere packs (low O2 MAP), controlled atmosphere packs (CAP), and vacuum packaging (VP). Different products are suited to different formats. The first three formats are used for refrigerated retail display whereas VP is used for both refrigerated and frozen storage. All these methods will extend the shelf life of pork products, but will also affect sensory quality to an extent. Lipid oxidation is the primary cause of rancidity during frozen storage of meat and meat products and pork-based products are much more susceptible to rancidity development than other types of meat products. Various other factors can affect the preservation of fresh and frozen pork products. 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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