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John E. Morrissey, Niall P. Dunphy
2016 September
Agri-Food Supply Chain Management: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice
Towards sustainable agri-food systems: The role of integrated sustainability and value assessment across the supply-chain
IGI Global
Hershey, PA
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The transition of food-production and consumption systems to a sustainable, low carbon future presents a dauntingly complex issue, involving technical, political, social and theoretical aspects. Such a transition necessitates an exploration of new ways of production and consumption, new technologies and innovations and new regulatory and institutional infrastructures to co-ordinate the change. Appropriate sustainability assessment has the following advantages: the conceptualisation of complex system functioning; the identification of the need for multi-dimensional, strategic approaches; the development of appropriate policy responses; and the targeting and framing of action (assessment) for sustainability. The paper presents a number of key findings and directions for further research in the context of agrifood systems sustainability.
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