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Kavanagh N.;Sadiq M.;Shortiss K.;Zhang H.;Thomas K.;Gocalinska A.;Zhao Y.;Pelucchi E.;O'Brien P.;Peters F.;Corbett B.;Garcia Gunning F.
International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks
Exploring a new transmission window for telecommunications in the 2 m waveband
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2 m arrayed waveguide grating high capacity systems modulator new wavelength window
2016 IEEE. In this paper, we will demonstrate the possibility of opening a new telecommunications transmission window around the 2 m wavelength, in order to exploit the potential low loss of hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers, with the benefits of significantly lower non-linearity and latency. We will show recent efforts developing a dense wavelength division multiplexing testbed at this waveband, with 100 GHz spacing wavelength channels and 105 Gbit/s total capacity achieved.
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