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Vilar E.;Ouyang H.;O'Sullivan M.;Kerry J.;Hamill R.;O'Grady M.;Mohammed H.;Kilcawley K.
Meat Science
Effect of salt reduction and inclusion of 1% edible seaweeds on the chemical, sensory and volatile component profile of reformulated frankfurters
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Edible seaweeds Flavour Frankfurters Odor Sensory analysis Volatile compounds
2019 Elsevier Ltd The optimization of processed meats through salt replacement using edible seaweeds may reduce the risk of chronic disease through reduction in dietary sodium. We investigated the impact of the inclusion of four selected seaweeds (1% w/w) in reformulated frankfurters in which salt addition and pork fat content was reduced by 50% and 21%, respectively, and where pork loin (longissimus dorsi muscle) was increased by 6%, compared to a Control. Two different types of red (Porphyra umbilicalis and Palmaria palmata) and brown (Himanthalia elongata and Undaria pinnatifida) edible seaweeds were evaluated. The reformulated frankfurters containing added seaweed were lower in ash, higher in moisture, protein and darker in colour and had altered textural properties in comparison to the Control; mainly less hard and less chewy. The volatile and sensory profiles of the reformulated frankfurters differed from the Control. However, the reformulated frankfurters with the inclusion of H.elongata were the most promising, although further work is required to optimise the formulation.
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