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Vagg T.;Tan Y.;Shortt C.;Hickey C.;Plant B.;Tabirca S.
Proceedings - IEEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems
MHealth and Serious Game Analytics for Cystic Fibrosis Adults
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cystic fibrosis mHealth serious games
2018 IEEE. Cystic Fibrosis is the most common life limiting genetic disease affecting Caucasians. With life expectancy for these patients rising, there is need to investigate interventions for a CF adult that does not impede on their busy lifestyle. This research describes an mHealth game data analytics system. The proposed system incorporates a game where a user must blow into the microphone to control an object through obstacles. This Android app collects game performance data, well-being questionnaire data, and initial blow strength. This data is then analysed and graphically represented for data interpretation on a web tool. The data collected may trigger an alert SMS to be sent to the patient based on three criteria which can be customised through the web tool for a more individualised analysis. The mHealth app is created using Android, and data is from this app posted to a remote server and stored in a database for analysis. The web tool comprises of PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript and Text API. On opening the app, the patient creates a profile and all subsequent data is stored under this profile for analysis. Default alert criteria is saved for each patient which can be edited by a CF multidisciplinary team member. By default, if the user records an increase in sputum volume, or decline in baseline, or decline in game performance five times consecutively, a SMS alert is sent to the patient. This proposed system is currently undergoing pilot testing with a small CF patient cohort. Comparative data for three CF patients who utilised the system over a two month period is also discussed here within. This research concludes that there is a need for mHealth data analysis systems for adults with CF. The system presented is found to be engaging among CF adult patients and can be incorporated into their daily lifestyle with ease. Questionnaire data recorded through the app regarding therapy compliance suggests a correlation with game performance. This correlation can serve as a practical example for the importance of therapy compliance. Additionally, it can demonstrate how non-compliance can lead to possible exacerbations.
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