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Bourke P.;Murphy D.;O'Mullane J.;Marshall K.;Howell S.
2018 IEEE Games, Entertainment, Media Conference, GEM 2018
Review of Player Personality Classifications to Inform Game Design
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2018 IEEE. Studies have been completed which attempt to detect players' sentiment, and intensify game-play immersion. Emotions, while an indicator of experience, have been proposed to be 'reactive predictions' by the player, during interactions in game-play. Designers arrange core game-play mechanics, visuals and audio atmosphere to create mood. This arrangement of content and mechanics is crucial to ensuring the majority of players correctly choose an emotional context and feel the intended emotion based on stimuli. The proposed work is to identify classifications for players and contexts that improve player sensation thereby deepening game-play immersion, both vicarious and visceral immersion. A player's personality type influences their engagement with game genres and gameplay. The goal of proposed work is to assist designers in understanding the player personality type and design principals that address the preferences of these types. The game experience and user interface can be adapted to better suit a particular type. Players can also adopt a persona differing from their personality traits and this can also have positive outcomes in terms of immersion and engagement with the game and other players.
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