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Roy S.;Li S.
2012 International Conference on Emerging Electronics, ICEE 2012
Self-aligned inkjet printing of TFTs/circuits
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imprinting inkjet printing polymer transistor self-alignment
We have demonstrated a novel process to fabricate solution-processable TFTs with a one-step, self-aligned definition of the dimensions in all functional layers. The TFT-channel, semiconductor materials, and gate dimension of different layers are all determined by one-step imprint process and the subsequent pattern transfer without the need for multiple patterning and mask alignment. In addition, all the techniques used here, i.e., imprinting, wet/dry etching, and inkjet printing, are available in roll-to-roll processes. The demonstrated high-resolution features, mask alignment free process, and compatibility to roll-to-roll fabrication show that this technique is ready to use and has the advantage of low cost. 2012 IEEE.
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