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O'Donnell T.;Wang N.;Meere R.;Rhen F.;Roy S.;O'Sullivan D.;O'Mathuna C.
Conference Proceedings - IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition - APEC
Microfabricated inductors for 20 MHz dc-dc converters
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This paper presents the design and measured results for micro-fabricated inductors suitable for use in high frequency (> 10 MHz), low power (1 -2 W) dc-dc converters. The design has focused on maximizing inductor efficiency for a given converter specification. Inductors in the range of 100 nH to 300 nH have been fabricated and tested. The small signal measurements show a relatively flat inductance profile, with a 10% drop in inductance at 30 MHz. Inductance vs. dc bias current measurements show less than 15% decrease in inductance at 500 mA current. The performance of the micro-inductors have also been compared to a conventional wire-wound inductor in a 20 MHz dc-dc converter. The converter efficiency is shown to be approximately 4% lower when the micro-inductor is used compared to the when the wire-wound inductor is used. The peak efficiency of the micro-inductor in the converter is estimated to be approximately 93%. 2008 IEEE.
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