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Dwyer A.;Murphy M.;O'Sullivan D.;Di Blasi Z.
The Irish Journal of Psychology
Perceived social support and neuroticism interact in predicting depression level among depressed university students
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depression emerging adulthood interaction neuroticism social support
2014 Psychological Society of Ireland. Although perceived social support (PSS) is associated with lower depression in younger people, it is unclear whether the relationship is moderated by other factors. The objective of this study was to examine the interaction of neuroticism and PSS in predicting depression levels. A cross-sectional survey design was employed. Data from 362 students of University College Cork, all in emerging adulthood (18-25), were included in the analysis. Correlational analyses identified a positive relationship between neuroticism and depression scores and a negative relationship between PSS and depression scores. In those respondents who were classified as depressed, and controlling for age and sex, neuroticism and PSS were unique predictors of depression score, and a PSS neuroticism interaction emerged such that PSS was particularly beneficial in those with high neuroticism. The finding suggests that PSS is an important protection against severe depression in depressed younger people, especially in those with high neuroticism levels.
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