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Parkes A.
2016 January
Politics, Citizenship and Rights
Making space for listening to children in Ireland: State obligations, children’s voices, and meaningful opportunities in education
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Article 12 Child participation Children’s rights Cyberbullying Geography of childhood Restorative justice Schools
© Springer Science+Business Media Singapore 2016. Under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989, all children capable of forming views have the right to express those views in all matters affecting them including within the school space. Further, once the child’s views have been expressed, serious consideration or “due weight” must be given to their views in accordance with the dual criteria of age and maturity. This chapter considers what this legal obligation requires from the point of view of theoretical and practical implementation within the context of Irish schools. The practical challenges posed by listening to children in what may be considered to be a largely authoritarian environment are explored particularly in the context of disciplinary matters such as cyberbullying in schools in Ireland. Moreover, the need to understand through the contemporary geography of children and childhood how and where child participation takes place within the school system is vital in order to ensure that children and young people can most effectively participate in decision-making processes affecting them. Finally, the possibility of adopting a more child-friendly process through a restorative justice framework is explored ¿ one hat is focused on creating or making spaces for listening to children where they are given meaningful opportunities to be involved in decision-making processes tailored to their needs.
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