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Ye N.;Gleeson M.;Yang H.;Zhang H.;Roycroft B.;Thomas K.;Gocalinska A.;Pelucchi E.;Li Z.;Richardson D.;Chen H.;Koonen A.;Jia W.;Zhao J.;Gunning F.;Peters F.;Corbett B.
European Conference on Optical Communication, ECOC
Demonstration of 90°optical hybrid at 2 µm wavelength range based on 4×4 MMI using diluted waveguide
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© 2014 Systematic Paris Region Systems and ICT Cluster. A 4×4 MMI 90°optical hybrid for 2 µm is designed, fabricated and characterized using a monolithically integrated MZI. A phase deviation around ±10°, Common Mode Rejection Ratio > 15.6 dB and an excess loss of 2.2 dB are obtained.
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