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Murphy K.;Crush L.;O’Malley E.;Daly F.;O’Tuathaigh C.;O’Connor O.;Cryan J.;Maher M.
Macromolecular Research
Medical student knowledge regarding radiology before and after a radiological anatomy module: implications for vertical integration and self-directed learning
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Medical student Radiation dose Radiographer Radiologist Radiology
© 2014, The Author(s). Conclusions: SDL is not favoured as an anatomy teaching method. Exposure of students to a radiological anatomy module delivered by senior clinical radiologists improved basic knowledge regarding ionising radiation use, but there was no improvement in knowledge regarding radiation exposure relative per modality. A possible explanation is that students recall knowledge imparted in didactic lectures but do little reading around the subject when the content is not examined.Teaching Points: • Self-directed learning is not favoured as a gross anatomy teaching format amongst medical students.• An imaging anatomy-focused module improved basic knowledge regarding ionising radiation use.• Detailed knowledge of modality-specific radiation exposure remained suboptimal post-module.• Knowledge of roles within a clinical radiology department showed little change post-module.Results: Pre-module and post-module response rates were 93 % (157/168) and 85 % (136/160), respectively. Pre-module and post-module, self-directed learning (SDL) ranked eighth (of 11) for preferred gross-anatomy teaching formats. Correct responses regarding radiologist/radiographer roles varied from 28-94 % on 16 questions with 4/16 significantly improving post-module. Identification of modalities that utilise radiation significantly improved for five of eight modalities post-module but knowledge regarding relative amount of modality-specific radiation use was variable pre-module and post-module.Objectives: To examine the impact that anatomy-focused radiology teaching has on non-examined knowledge regarding radiation safety and radiology as a specialty.Methods: First-year undergraduate medical students completed surveys prior to and after undertaking the first-year anatomy programme that incorporates radiological anatomy. Students were asked opinions on preferred learning methodology and tested on understanding of radiology as a specialty and radiation safety.
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