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Ghoshal T.;Maity T.;Godsell J.;Roy S.;Morris M.
Technical Proceedings of the 2012 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Expo, NSTI-Nanotech 2012
A facile block copolymer inclusion technique for large scale monodisperse hexagonal arrays of superparamagnetic iron oxides nanodots
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Array Block copolymer Nanodot Superparamagnetism
We demonstrate a simple, cost-effective route to prepare high density ordered array of iron oxides nanodots based on block copolymer patterning. The methodology creates hexagonally arranged features via a process of selective block copolymer inclusion and allows dimensional and structural control of both features and patterns at large scale. Microscopic and spectroscopic techniques confirmed the uniformity, size monodispersity and same structural arrangement as that of parent block copolymer template. These well-isolated array of nanodots exhibits superparamagnetism. Thermal stability and strong adherence to the substrate surface makes them useful for technological applications.
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