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Shayesteh M.;O'Connell D.;Gity F.;Murphy-Armando F.;Yu R.;Huet K.;Toque-Tresonne I.;Cristiano F.;Boninelli S.;Henrichsen H.;Petersen D.;Nielsen P.;Duffy R.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Ion Implantation Technology
Laser thermal annealing of Ge, optimized for highly activated dopants and diode ION/IOFF ratios
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dopant activation Ge ideality factor junction Laser thermal annealing leakage current
2014 IEEE. The authors compared the influence of laser thermal annealing (LTA) and rapid thermal annealing (RTA) on dopant activation and electrical performance of phosphorus and arsenic doped n+/p junction. High carrier concentration above 1020 cm-3 as well as an ION/IOFF ratio of approximately 105 and ideality factor (n) approximately 1.2-1.5 was achieved with LTA. However RTA revealed very high ION/IOFF ratio approximately 107, and n close to 1. Non ideal behavior in LTA diodes is attributed to existence of deep level defects in the junction, contributing to leakage current. Meanwhile ideal behavior of RTA diodes is due to removal of defects in the junction during the high thermal budget.
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