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Hartigan I.;Murphy S.;Hickey M.
International Journal of Older People Nursing
Older adults' knowledge of pressure ulcer prevention: A prospective quasi-experimental study
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Chronic Health Conditions Preventative Strategies Health literacy Nursing Older adults Pressure ulcers
Aim. To test an evidence base patient education leaflet to evaluate older adults' knowledge of pressure ulcers and prevention strategies. Background. The increasing population of older adults living in the community managing chronic health conditions are at risk of pressure ulcer development. Education leaflets are a useful adjunct to reinforce healthcare professional's verbal information to promote healthy lifestyles choices. However, little is known of the effectives of pressure ulcer prevention educational leaflets for older adults. Methods. A quasi-experimental uncontrolled pre-test, post-test study of participants' knowledge of pressure ulcer and preventative strategies was conducted. Community dwelling older adults (n = 75) were recruited to this study. Older adult's knowledge was measured pre- and postdistribution of an education intervention. A risk assessment scale was recorded to identify whether this cohort of older adults were actually at risk of developing pressure ulcers. Conclusion. The results indicate that an education leaflet enhanced patients' knowledge relating to pressure ulceration. Printed education materials increase knowledge and understanding which may lend to older adults adopting healthy behaviours. Implications for practice. An education leaflet can help older adults and their carers to be more empowered as active participants in reducing the incidence of pressure ulceration. 2011 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
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