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Whelan D.;Caplice N.;Clover A.
Scientific Reports
Mesenchymal stromal cell derived CCL2 is required for accelerated wound healing
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Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) have immunomodulatory effects impacting macrophages, promoting polarisation towards a reparative phenotype. CCL2 is a potent cytokine involved in the recruitment of macrophages. We hypothesised that MSC derived CCL2 may be involved in the MSC therapeutic effect by facilitating macrophage repolarisation. To further delineate this mechanism, MSC isolated from CCL2 deficient mice (MSC-KO) were applied to excisional wounds in wild-type (WT) mice. CCL2 deficiency in MSC completely abrogated the therapeutic response compared to MSC-WT. MSC-KO were unable to repolarise macrophages to the same extent as WT and this was accompanied by a reduced angiogenesis and re-epithelialisation of the wounds at day 10. This study demonstrates that MSC derived CCL2 is required for MSC induced accelerated wound healing. The role of CCL2 in the interaction between MSC and Macrophages has not been previously demonstrated in accelerated wound healing. CCL2 has a potent effect on the ability to reduce the inflammatory response through local recruitment of macrophages. This research highlights CCL2 as a possible target for augmentation of MSC therapy to enhance therapeutic potential.
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