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Collins, C.; Koleśnik, M.; Krstić, V.; Holmes, J. D.;
Chemistry of Materials
Germanium nanowire synthesis from fluorothiolate-capped gold nanoparticles in supercritical carbon dioxide
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Ge nanowires seeded from Au nanoparticles capped with fluorothiolate ligands were synthesized in supercritical carbon dioxide (sc-CO2) by the thermal decomposition of diphenylgermane (DPG) at a temperature of 380 C and a pressure of 25.7 MPa. Both perfluorinated and semifluorinated capped Au nanoparticles acted as effective catalysts for growing Ge nanowires, with mean diameters of 11 nm (σ = 2.8) and 14 nm (σ = 3.5), respectively. The mean diameter of the Ge nanowires grown from the fluorous-capped Au nanoparticles were considerably smaller than those synthesized from dodecanethiol-capped nanoparticles in sc-toluene, under the same reaction conditions, i.e., 28 nm and σ = 10.3. Differences in the ligand conformations on the surface of the Au nanoparticles and phase separation of the fluorocarbon/CO2 and hydrocarbon/toluene systems gave rise to greater steric stabilization of the fluorous-capped Au nanoparticles in CO2, resulting in small diameter nanowires with a relatively narrow size distribution. Electrical analysis of the nanowires showed them to be p-type (hole) semiconductors.
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