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Conway, P. F., Murphy, R., Hall, K. & Rath, A. ;
2011 April
Leading and Managing Schools
Leadership and teacher education: Deepening engagement with pedagogy.
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The central argument in this paper is that deeper engagement with pedagogy must be  a hallmark of teacher education in order to promote curriculum reform, enhance teacher professionalism and nurture leadership in the coming years. First, we situate understandings of good or quality teaching in a socio-political context. Second, we comment on the context of schooling in Ireland. Third, we address the issues of school culture supportive of ITE and induction as well as the challenge of promoting deep engagement with pedagogy. In particular, we focus on the implications for teacher education of one of the findings of the recent OECD's TALIS report (Gilleece et al, 2009): that professional collaboration in schools is charactised by a focus on exchange and sharing rather on than deeper levels of professional engagement centred on classroom pedagogy as noted above.  Finally, guided by the principle of deepening engagement on pedagogy, we identify four key priorities for leaders in advancing research, policy and practice in teacher education: (i) observation in peer classrooms, (ii) sharing and talking about practice, (iii) representing practices through profiles and portfolios, and (iv) models of school-university partnership.

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