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O'Carroll, C.; Furey, J.
Cork Folklore Project Audio Archive Catalogue
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folklore; oral history; audio archive; catalogue; social history
The Audio Archive Catalogue of the Cork Folklore Project
The Cork Folklore Project archives consist primarily of audio-recorded oral history/folklore interviews carried out in and around Cork, Ireland, since 1996. Our sound archive currently (2020) consists of around 750 interviews, and we are working to make the full catalogue available. We have a number of themed and place-based collections, and also around 200 stand-alone interviews with individuals. As of June 2019, the catalogue entries for 9 collections and 160 individual interviews are available online.The catalogue consists of collection-level and interview-level descriptions, and archival information relating to interviewees, interviewers and interviews in the Cork Folklore Project audio archives (in the form of Dublin Core metadata and Oral History item level descriptions). It also contains audio extracts from each interview, ranging in length from 2 minutes to 15 minutes, and is searchable in a number of ways. Each audio extract has an accompanying transcript or log further down the page.
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