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Veale A.;Andres C.
Culture and Psychology
The role of the imagination in transnational relating: The case of Nigerian children and their migrant parent in Ireland
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imagination immobility Ireland Migration mobility Nigeria transnational children transnational families
© The Author(s) 2020. This paper explores the role of imagination in the lives of Nigerian transnational children and their migrant parent in Ireland. Migration of a parent is a rupture in a child’s life that triggers imaginary processes that are real in their developmental consequences. Following Zittoun and Gillespie, imagination is a process that generates a disjunction from the person’s experience of the “real” world, and uncouples and loops out before it eventually comes back to the actual experience. For the left-behind child, this imaginative loop remains “open” as parents return becomes extended in time. The dilemmas for the migrant parent and child are explored.
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