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Callanan A, Harding M, Lynch C, Hayes M, Burke F
Journal of The Irish Dental Association
Dentistsí attitudes towards the phase-down of dental amalgam in Ireland
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Aim: This study aimed to explore the attitudes of dentists in Ireland towards the phase-down of dental amalgam in relation to the Minamata Convention on Mercury. Methods: A cross-sectional survey design was adopted using a quantitative 53-question survey piloted and distributed to dentists working in general dental practice. Results: The study had a response rate of 11.8% (n=285). The study found a high level of awareness regarding recommended guidelines concerning the Minamata Convention on Mercury, with 96% of participants reporting that they were aware of the recommendations. Over half of the participants (61%) reported that they felt the phase-down was a good idea. Conclusions: Training and remuneration were identified as the main barriers to a total phase-out of dental amalgam in Ireland in the future.
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