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Constantin Holzer
2020 August
Chinese National Identity in the Age of Globalisation
Identity Narratives in China and the EU’s Economic Diplomacy: Comparing the BRI and the EU Connectivity Strategy for Asia
Palgave Macmillan
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China, EU, Economic diplomacy, identity, Belt and Road Initiative, EU Connectivity Strategy
The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the EU Connectivity Strategy for Asia represent China and the EU’s respective flagship initiatives of economic diplomacy in the twenty-first century and offer two separate blueprints for shaping the future of shared economic prosperity on the Eurasian continent. The basic understanding of external economic engagement in China and the EU is heavily marked by the respective actors’ identity narratives—that is, ‘national rejuvenation’ and national interest in the case of China, and ‘reconciliation’ and the support for rules-based multilateralism in the case of the European Union. While China and the EU pursue similar objectives, it is more the political questions of how to guarantee a ‘level playing field’ and ‘shared benefits’ that cause uncertainty and tension between them.
Lu Zhouxiang
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