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McCann, G. and hAdhmaill, F.
2020 April
International Human Rights, Social Policy and Global Development: Critical Perspectives
Policy Press/Bristol University Press
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International Human Rights Intermational Relations Social Policy and Human Rights Global Development and Human Rights
Much has been written about the development of international human rights, the concepts, mechanisms and their implementation, from legal and institutional perspectives. Arguably, however, there has been a paucity of literature on the subject from a critical social policybased perspective and hesitancy by policy- makers and analysts alike to challenge threats to a rights- based approach to human development. Through the lens of critical social science, the various chapters in this book analyse the form and development of concepts of universal rights and existing international human rights mechanisms, their strengths and weaknesses, and their impact on social policy, human welfare and international development.
McCann, G. and hAdhmaill, F.
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