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Devlin R.;Jones D.J.;McGlacken G.P.
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One-Pot, Tandem Wittig Hydrogenation: Formal C(sp3)-C(sp3) Bond Formation with Extensive Scope
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A one-pot, tandem Wittig hydrogenation of aldehydes with stabilized ylides is reported, representing a formal C(sp3)-C(sp3) bond construction. The tandem reaction operates under mild conditions, is high yielding, and is broad in scope. Chemoselectivity for olefin reduction is observed, and the methodology is demonstrated in the synthesis of lapatinib analogues and a formal synthesis of ()-cuspareine. Early insights suggest that the chemoselectivity observed in the reduction step is due to partial poisoning of the catalyst, after step one, thus adding to the power of the one-pot procedure.
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