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Abedi K.;Ahmadi V.;Moravvej-Farshi M.;Sheikhi M.;Gity F.
2006 IEEE GCC Conference, GCC 2006
Non-physical model of lossy transmission line for circuit simulation of segmented traveling wave electroabsorption modulators
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Circuit model LEAM Segmented traveling-wave electroabsorption modulators TWEAM
A HSPICE equivalent-circuit model for analyzing the frequency response of segmented traveling wave electroabsorption modulators (STEAM) is presented. The model is based on non-physical model for lossy transmission line. The analysis indicates that STEAM can achieve much wider bandwidth than the lumped electroabsorption modulator (LEAM) and TWEAM counterparts, with a small penalty in E/O conversion gain if low loss passive optical waveguide is available.
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