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Byrne F.N.;Gillman B.;Kiely M.;Bowles M.;Connolly P.;Earlie J.;Murphy J.;Rennick T.;Reilly E.O.;Shiely F.;Kearney P.;Eustace J.
Journal Of Renal Nutrition
Translation of Nutrient Level Recommendations to Control Serum Phosphate Into Food-Based Advice
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2020 National Kidney Foundation, Inc. The control of hyperphosphatemia is key to the management of chronic kidney disease mineral and bone disorder. Dietary restriction of phosphorus is essential to control hyperphosphatemia. Guidelines for chronic kidney disease and end-stage kidney disease generally provide high-level guidance on whether a nutrient should be restricted e.g, restrict dietary phosphorus. Dietitians translate such guidance into nutrient-based strategies and finally into food-based practical dietary advice for patients to follow. The practical aspects of dietary advice are not well described in the literature, neither are the challenges of concurrently altering 1 nutrient e.g., phosphorus while continuing to restrict others e.g., potassium, while maintaining overall nutritional adequacy and quality of life. In this article, we describe how we translated updated nutrient level recommendations into practical dietary advice to be delivered at the bedside.
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