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Ni Riordain R.;Glick M.;Al Mashhadani S.S.A.;Aravamudhan K.;Barrow J.;Cole D.;Crall J.J.;Gallagher J.E.;Gibson J.;Hegde S.;Kaberry R.;Kalenderian E.;Karki A.;Celeste R.K.;Listl S.;Myers S.N.;Niederman R.;Severin T.;Smith M.W.;Thomson W.M.;Tsakos G.;Vujicic M.;Watt R.G.;Whittaker S.;Williams D.M.
International Dental Journal
Developing a standard set of patient-centred outcomes for adult oral health an international, cross-disciplinary consensus
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Oral health outcome measures patient outcome assessment quality of life
2020 FDI World Dental Federation Objective: To develop a minimum Adult Oral Health Standard Set (AOHSS) for use in clinical practice, research, advocacy and population health. Materials and methods: An international oral health working group (OHWG) was established, of patient advocates, researchers, clinicians and public health experts to develop an AOHSS. PubMed was searched for oral health clinical and patient-reported measures and case-mix variables related to caries and periodontal disease. The selected patient-reported outcome measures focused on general oral health, and oral health-related quality of life tools. A consensus was reached via Delphi with parallel consultation of subject matter content experts. Finally, comments and input were elicited from oral health stakeholders globally, including patients/consumers. Results: The literature search yielded 1,453 results. After inclusion/exclusion criteria, 959 abstracts generated potential outcomes and case-mix variables. Delphi rounds resulted in a consensus-based selection of 80 individual items capturing 31 outcome and case-mix concepts. Global reviews generated 347 responses from 87 countries, and the patient/consumer validation survey elicited 129 responses. This AOHSS includes 25 items directed towards patients (including demographics, the impact of their oral health on oral function, a record of pain and oral hygiene practices, and financial implications of care) and items for clinicians to complete, including medical history, a record of caries and periodontal disease activity, and types of dental treatment delivered. Conclusion: In conclusion, utilising a robust methodology, a standardised core set of oral health outcome measures for adults, with a particular emphasis on caries and periodontal disease, was developed.
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