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P. Monteiro R.;Lins de Holanda Coelho G.;Medeiros Cavalcanti T.;de Moura Grangeiro A.S.;V. Gouveia V.
Current Psychology (New Brunswick, N.J.)
The ends justify the means? Psychometric parameters of the MACH-IV, the two-dimensional MACH-IV and the trimmed MACH in Brazil
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Machiavellianism, personality Psychometrics Values
2020, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature. Machiavellianism is one of the most studied dark traits, frequently predicting antisocial and immoral behaviors (e.g., cheating, white collar crimes). The MACH-IV is the most popular questionnaire to assess the construct. However, this measure presents some limitations that led researchers to propose two refined versions: The Two-Dimensional MACH-IV (TDM) and the Trimmed MACH. In the present research, we aimed to adapt the MACH-IV and its refined versions in the Brazilian context, making direct comparisons about their psychometric properties. Specifically, using Confirmatory Factor Analysis, we verified that the models with better fit were the two-factor structure of TDM and the one factor structure of Trimmed MACH. However, both presented low reliabilities. Further, we verified that the MACH-IV and its short versions present significant associations with Machiavellianism subscales of the Dirty Dozen and the Short Dark Triad, besides a consistent pattern of correlations with low agreeableness, low endorsement of social values, and high endorsement of personal values. Our findings provide evidence of validity for the MACH-IV and its refined versions in the Brazilian context, allowing transcultural studies.
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