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Loureto G.D.L.;Gouveia V.V.;Rezende A.T.;Gouveia R.S.V.;Freires L.A.;Coelho G.L.d.H.
Current Psychology (New Brunswick, N.J.)
Status-driven risk taking short-form scale in Brazil: Psychometric parameters and motivational correlates
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Human values Life history Personality Scale Status-driven risk taking
© 2020, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature. The present research aimed to adapt the Status-Driven Risk Taking short-form scale (SDRT-8) to the Brazilian context, gathering evidence of psychometric parameters. Additionally, the existence values’ subfunction was tested as a mediator of the relations between SDRT and slow life history (slow LH) strategies. Two studies (N = 675; Mage = 27.1, 58% females) were performed with three samples. In Study 1, the one-factor solution of the SDRT-8 was confirmed, presenting acceptable reliability coefficients. In addition, the SDRT-8 achieved a full measurement invariance across participants’ gender. Moreover, criterion-related validity was observed in correlations with the Big Six personality traits. In Study 2, the SDRT-8 was negatively correlated with slow LH strategies and existence values. Also, existence values fully mediated the relation between SDRT and LH strategies. In conclusion, the findings support the use of the SDRT-8 scale in Brazil, showing evidence of its validity, reliability, and offering a contribution in linking SDRT with evolutionary (LH strategies) and social (human values) constructs.
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