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Coelho G.;Monteiro R.;Hanel P.;Vilar R.;Gouveia V.;Maio G.
Personality and Individual Differences
Psychometric parameters of an abbreviated vengeance scale across two countries
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Measurement Personality Transcultural Validation Vengeance
2017 Elsevier Ltd We propose a short and ultrashort version of the vengeance scale (Stuckless & Goranson, 1992). Across three samples, good psychometric properties and convergent validity for the new scales were found. Study 1 found in a Brazilian sample that the original 20 items can be reduced to both a 10 and 5 item version (VS-10 and VS-5), without losing psychometric quality. In Study 2, the one-factorial structure was confirmed in a Brazilian and a British sample. Also, (partial) measurement invariance was established across gender and countries for the VS-10, but not for the VS-5. Across both samples, the short-versions correlated as expected with the Big-5, Big-6, and Dark Triad. Overall, the 10- and 5-item versions of the vengeance scale exhibited comparable reliabilities and validities to the full version.
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