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Podcast - Media
Dr Fiona Chambers
91. AIESEPConnect - Joe Wicks: The Face of PE?
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This is the audio from the first ever AIESEP meet up "coffee with colleagues" that occurred April 24, 2020. Dr. Kathy Armour (@ArmourKathy) is the discussant on a topic that has caused a lot of outrage in the PETE and PE community. Is Joe Wicks the face of PE? What can we learn from his rise to prominence? The discussion was moderated by Fiona Chambers (@DrFiChambers), Louise McCuaig, & Cassandra Iannucci (@cassamariab) AIESEP is the international association for physical education in higher education. You can find more information at https://aiesep.org/
George Mason University
Playing with Research in Health and Physical Education
Dr Risto Marttinen
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