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Galparsoro, I., Murillas, A., Pinarbasi, K., Sequeira, A.M., Stelzenmüller, V., Borja, Á., O´Hagan, A.M., Boyd, A., Bricker, S., Garmendia, J.M., Gimpel, A., Gangnery, A., Billing, S.‐L., Bergh, Ø., Strand, Ø., Hiu, L., Fragoso, B., Icely, J., Ren, J., Papageorgiou, N., Grant, J., Brigolin, D., Pastres, R. and Tett, P.
Reviews In Aquaculture
Global stakeholder vision for ecosystem‐based marine aquaculture expansion from coastal to offshore areas
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Horizon 2020