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Mac Éinrí, P. and White, A;
Irish Geography
Immigration into the Republic of Ireland : a bibliography of recent research
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Until relatively recently, research on migration to the Republic of Ireland has been limited to a handful of texts. As immigration into Ireland has increased over the last decade, so has the volume of published research exploring this phenomenon, with a significant increase in the number of published research reports, policy studies and submissions, conference proceedings, monographs, academic papers, book chapters and theses. However the piecemeal and often ad hoc nature of the growth of this research bibliography presents specific problems for both researchers and for participants in research. This paper draws together a comprehensive (though not exhaustive) bibliography of research into immigration in Ireland. The bibliography is organised into a typology of research on migration into Ireland by considering the existing corpus of research under nine headings. The paper concludes by highlighting the potential contribution that human geography can offer our understandings of the processes and dimensions of migration to twenty first century Ireland.
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