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Donnacha SeŠn Lucey & John Borgonovo
Terence MacSwiney, Cork Menís Gaol, and the Political Hunger Strike, 1920-2020
2020 marks the centenary of the hunger strike of Irish republicans in Brixton Prison and Cork Menís Gaol. While the hunger strike tactic had been deployed prior to 1920, the Cork/Brixton strike was distinctive for its length (three months) and the ultimate deaths of three prisoners, including Cork Lord Mayor Terence MacSwiney. Drawing intense public interest, the strike created a political crisis in Britain and Ireland, and made Terence MacSwiney into a global figure. This conference explores various aspects of the 1920 Cork/Brixton hunger strike including the perils of force feeding, the medical and legal ethics of hunger strikes, cultural, spiritual, and international responses to the strike, and various aspects of Terence MacSwiney and the other Cork strikers.
University College Cork
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