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Crowley, Caroline and Denis Linehan
Spacing Ireland: place, culture and society
Mancester University Press
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The collapse of the Celtic Tiger represents not only the decline of a certain economic model, but also the disintegration of the hubristic account of Irelandís economy and society widely promoted during the boom. The social and economic consequences of the crisis will present Irish society with a series of new challenges whose outcomes are not yet precisely known. But what is more certain is that there has been a crash in the Celtic Tiger narrative, the Stateís self-congratulatory story of its exemplary success and with it the international communityís portrayal of Ireland as a role model for development. Focused upon the potential of human geographies to provide grounded and critical insights into the consequences of recent transformations in Ireland, Spacing Ireland offers authors an opportunity to interrogate the crash in terms of its impacts on identity, place and society. In setting up the book around these concerns, Spacing Ireland acknowledges the transformations wrought by the boom which remade many aspects of Irish society, altered the landscape and broadened the national space. It seeks to re-imagine how considerations of space and society can be written beyond the reductive narrative of the Celtic Tiger, whilst critically engaging with the new contours of transformation which have restructured Irish society. The varied subjects covered in this book provide the reader with a rich appraisal of a culture, society and economy in flux.

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