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Constantin Holzer
Annual Conference of the Japan Forum of Business and Society, Waseda University, 9 - 11 September 2015, Tokio, Japan
Chinese entrepreneurs as actors of ecological conservation - the case of the Alashan SEE Foundation
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Alashan SEE Ecological Association, Chinese entrepreneurs, actors, institutions, environment, conservation, state-society relations.
This article illustrates a case study of corporate action as a response to China’s environmental crisis. There are few academics that would look at Chinese businesses as a starting point for improving human-environment relations. The dominant discourse focuses either on top-down policy implementation from a state perspective, or bottom-up movements through NGOs and society stakeholders. The role of private companies and entrepreneurs, in both Chinese and western economic and governance theory, is often reduced to mere “takers” of institutions, reluctantly giving in to pressure from lawmakers or civil society groups, rather than being active “makers” of institutional solutions to environmental problems. This paper examines the example of the Alashan SEE Foundation, an organization of Chinese entrepreneurs, with the dual aims of promoting ecological conservation in China’s Alashan region and supporting Chinese environmental grassroots NGOs all over the country. By drawing from their example the author tries to draw attention to the role of Chinese private companies and their important role as actors in environmental institution-building.
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