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Horgan, Deirdre; Martin, Shirley; Forde, Catherine
2020 September
Bringing Children Back into the Family: Relationality, Connectedness and Home Vol: 27
Children’s voice in the home: a relational, generational space
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Bringing Children Back into the Family reflects on the multi-dimensional nature of children’s relationships within the home. It explores the extent to which these experiences shape children’s meaning-making and how this influences how they position themselves in relation to adults. A global team of contributors paint a picture of the complexity of the family, and the extent to which understandings of ‘home’ are deepened by reflecting on children’s experiences as social agents. The chapters and supporting case studies offer some fascinating reflections that explore home in relation to a range of themes including participation, friendship, memory, moral reflectivity, children’s rights and migration. With a focus on relationality and connectedness this book reflects on the duality of structure and agency, as it examines this web of interactions and their impact on children’s experiences of the home.
Sam Frankel and Sally McNamee
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