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Claisse C.;Petrelli D.;Ciolfi L.;Dulake N.;Marshall M.T.;Durrant A.C.
Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings
Crafting Critical Heritage Discourses into Interactive Exhibition Design
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craft practice critical heritage exhibition design reflective practice tangible interaction
2020 ACM. This paper argues how a more reflective design practice that embraces critical discourses can transform interactive exhibition design and therefore the museum visiting experience. Four framing arguments underpin our exhibition design making: the value of materiality, visiting as an aesthetic experience, challenging the authorized voice, and heritage as a process. These arguments were embodied through design, art and craft practice into one interactive exhibition at a house museum. We draw from our design process discussing the implications that adopting an approach informed by critical heritage debates has on exhibition design and suggest three sensitizing concepts (polyvocal narratives, dialogical interaction, interweaving time and space) bridging the practice of interactive exhibition design and critical heritage theory.
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