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De Carvalho A.F.P.;Ciolfi L.;Gray B.
Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, CSCW
Detailing a spectrum of motivational forces shaping nomadic practices
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Academe Ethnography Nomadic/mobile practices Spectrum Technological mediation Work/life
2017 ACM. Recent CSCW research has shown that nomadicity can be seen as a dynamic process that emerges as people engage with practices supporting them in the mobilisation of their workplace to accomplish work in and across different locations. This paper elaborates on the emergent aspects of the process by detailing a spectrum of motivational and contextual forces that surround and shape nomadic practices. The paper contributes to existing CSCW literature on nomadicity and extends it by articulating the complex intersections of motive and context that shape nomadic practices. The findings that the paper presents emerged from an ethnographic study of a group of academics and their nomadic work/life practices.
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