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Bjørn P.;Ciolfi L.;Ackerman M.;Fitzpatrick G.;Wulf V.
Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, CSCW
Practice-based CSCW research: ECSCW bridging across the atlantic
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CSCW ECSCW Practice-based CSCW research Research traditions
Practice-based CSCW research is an orientation towards empirically-grounded research embracing particular methodological approaches with the aim of creating new theory about work, collaboration, and cooperative technologies. While practice-based CSCW research has several strong roots in both North America and Europe: ECSCW and Europe remain central to this tradition. In this panel we will discuss the practice-based research approach asking questions such as: What is the nature of Practice-based Computer Supported Cooperative Work research? How is it different from other CSCW research approaches? What is the relationship between these traditions in terms of conceptual approaches, methodologies and open questions for future research? This panel will discuss openly the diversity and commonalities between different CSCW traditions-and argue that practice-based CSCW research is not something that happens only at ECSCW. ECSCW is not a geographical boundary for a certain type of research-but rather a place for a specific research tradition and approach with links to many academic places in the world.
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