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Boggi, Flavio
Key Figures in Medieval Europe: An Encyclopedia (4 articles)
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From emperors and queens to artists and world travelers, from popes and scholars to saints and heretics, Key Figures in Medieval Europe brings together in one volume the most important people who lived in medieval Europe between 500 and 1500. Gathered from the biographical entries from the on-going series, theRoutledge Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages, these A-Z biographical entries discuss the lives of over 575 individuals who have had a historical impact in such areas as politics, religion, or the arts. Individuals from places such as medieval England, France, Germany, Iberia, Italy, and Scandinavia are included as well as those from the Jewish and Islamic worlds. A thematic outline is included that lists people not only by categories, but also by regions. Entries fall under the following categories: * Artists/Architects * Authors * Commercial Figures * Musicians * Political Figures * Religious Figures * Scientific Figures * Travelers * Women In one convenient volume, students, scholars, and interested readers will find the biographies of the people whose actions, beliefs, creations, and writings shaped the Middle Ages, one of the most fascinating periods of world history.
4 articles: 'Cavallini, Pietro' (113-14); 'Pisano, Andrea' (535-36); 'Spinello Aretino' (605-07); 'Traini, Francesco' (628-30).
New York
Richard K. Emmerson
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