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Helena Guiney, Noel Woods, Helen Whelton, Denis O Mullane;
Utilisation of dental services among insured adults in Ireland
IADR 88th General Session and Exhibition 2010, Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
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Aims: To Measure utilisation of dental services among adults eligible for the Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme (DTBS) and to analyse how demographic factors influence attendance.



Methods: Data on dental attendance, among employees who have sufficient social insurance contributions, was obtained from the DTBS claims database. Population: adults aged 16-64 years who had treatment in 2003 (n=255,266); their pattern of attendance was observed during 2004-2008. Logistic regression analysis was applied to determine the effect of age and gender on dental attendance.  Frequent dental attendance is defined by at least one dental visit, on average, per year during the five-year period.


Results: Of those treated in 2003, 15.7% did not use the scheme again during the 5-year period. 15.1% visited the dentist annually over the 5-year period.




Conclusions: Utilisation of dental services was greater amongst females. There is an inverted-U-shaped relationship between the odds of frequent attendance and age.



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