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Walker SP;Yallapragada VVB;Tangney M;
Trends In Biotechnology
Arming Yourself for The In Silico Protein Design Revolution.
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Proteins mediate many essential processes of life to a degree of functional precision unmatched by any synthetic device. While engineered proteins are currently used in biotech, food, biomedicine, and material technology-based industries, the true potential of proteins is practically untapped. The emerging field of in silico protein design is predicted to provide the next quantum leap in the biotech industry. Having predictive control over protein function and the ability to redefine these functions have driven the field of protein engineering into an era of unprecedented development. This article provides a holistic analysis of protein design R&D (current state-of-the-art tools and knowhow) and commercial landscape, as well as a one-stop-shop profile of in silico protein design technology for biotechnology stakeholders.
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