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O’Callaghan, Irene; Sullivan, Timothy
Journal Of Crustacean Biology
Shedding the load: moulting as a cause of variability in whole-body metal concentrations
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Aquatic environment Bioaccumulation Body burden Crustaceans Ecdysis, Measurement errors Exoskeleton Macroinvertebrates Metal pollution
Moulting is a biological process shared by aquatic macroinvertebrates, but while the exoskeleton is believed to be a major sink of metal pollutants, the contribution of the moulting of the crustacean exoskeleton to total accumulated metal concentrations is insufficiently considered. We present a conceptual, qualitative model that illustrates the impact of moulting on the whole-body burden of an unspecified metal analyte in a hypothetical moulting invertebrate. The model demonstrates that moult stage is a contributor to the whole-body pollutant concentration, and that this introduces a temporal component even in steady-state exposure conditions. The applicability of this model is illustrated by comparison to published results of pre- and post-moult accumulations. A solution for reducing this variability in the measurement of whole-body metal concentrations is presented, and its potential application to both ex-situ and in-situ studies of biomonitor species is discussed.
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