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Helena Buffery
2020 December
La Ploma als Dits, Delit de Parauls. Jornada d'Estudi Montserrat Abelló
Tast de llengües: autotraducció i col·laboració en les traduccions poètiques de Montserrat Abelló
Departament de Cultura; ILC
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Catalan-English translation; self-translation; collaborative translation; Catalan women's poetry; circles of intimacy; performativity
This paper sets out to analyse an aspect of Montserrat Abelló’s work that has received little attentionto date, namely her translation practice from Catalan to English. Focusing primarily on two short volumes published as Catalan-English parallel texts in 2014, Abelló’s co-translation of Maria-MercèMarçal’s posthumous collection Raó del cos/ The Body’s Reason and self-translation of Fifty Love Poems, I first provide a theoretical framework for a relational phenomenological reading that combines Abelló’s own self-reflection on poetic writing and translation as embodied practice with contemporary approaches to collaborative and, especially, self-translation, above all the practice-inflected theories of Nicole Brossard, Gustavo Perez-Firmat and Sylvia Molloy. This is followed by a reading of the two volumes of poetry in relation, that centres on the dialogic, intersubjective, co-creational and performative movement between languages, voices, subjects and bodies, and, following Brossard, the affective spaces created in and through the process of translation
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