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Keane, A;Krauskopf, B;Lenton, TM
Physical Review Letters
Signatures Consistent with Multifrequency Tipping in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation
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The early detection of tipping points, which describe a rapid departure from a stable state, is an important theoretical and practical challenge. Tipping points are most commonly associated with the disappearance of steady-state or periodic solutions at fold bifurcations. We discuss here multifrequency tipping (M tipping), which is tipping due to the disappearance of an attracting torus. M tipping is a generic phenomenon in systems with at least two intrinsic or external frequencies that can interact and, hence, is relevant to a wide variety of systems of interest. We show that the more complicated sequence of bifurcations involved in M tipping provides a possible consistent explanation for as yet unexplained behavior observed near tipping in climate models for the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation. More generally, this Letter provides a path toward identifying possible early warning signs of tipping in multiple-frequency systems.
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