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Duignan, M;Drennan, J;McCarthy, VJC
Journal of Nursing Management
Impact of clinical leadership in advanced practice roles on outcomes in health care: A scoping review
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Aim To undertake a scoping review of the literature exploring the impact of clinical leadership in advanced practice roles in relation to patient, staff and organisational outcomes.Background An increasing number of publications as well as job specifications have identified clinical leadership as a cornerstone of advanced practice roles. However, it is unclear whether embedding clinical leadership in such roles has led to improvements in patient, staff or organisational outcomes. Therefore, identifying the extent to which clinical leadership in advanced practice roles relates to patient, staff and organisational outcomes is needed.Method A scoping review examining the relationship between clinical leadership in advanced practice roles and health care outcomes. Searching in SCOPUS, PubMed, Psychinfo and CINAHL Plus and Web of Science identified 765 potential articles. Independent selection, data extraction tabulation of findings and analysis were completed.Results Seven studies were identified that met the inclusion criteria. Only studies reporting on nurses in advanced practice roles were included; no studies were identified that reported on the advanced practice roles of allied health professionals. The results indicate that there is no objective evidence of the impact of advanced practitioners' clinical leadership on patient, staff or organisational outcomes.Conclusion There is a paucity of objective evidence to identify the extent to which clinical leadership is enacted in advanced practice roles. The review indicates a need for closer alignment of AP clinical leadership policy aspirations and formal operational leadership opportunities for APs.Implications for Nursing Management Nurse managers have a key role in supporting and equipping APs with leadership competencies and opportunities to enable both capability and capacity building of such roles. Nurse managers should involve APs in health care leadership at an organisational level to maximize their contribution to health, quality practice environments and health care reform. Additionally, a distinct involvement in staff development, change, operational strategic decisions and policy development should be part of the AP role, which is facilitated by management.
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