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Conway, P. F., Amberson, J. & O'Sullivan, D.;
NCSE Inclusive Schools Framework Pilot: An Evaluation Study
National Council for Special Education (NCSE)
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One of the actions arising out of the NCSE¿s Strategy of Statement 2008- 2011 is the development of a framework for inclusion for special education. The NCSE established an inter-agency advisory group, representative of education and disability partners, to oversee the development of this work on a national basis. The framework has been designed for use in all educational settings including mainstream schools and special schools on a self-assessment and voluntary basis. The NCSE Inclusive Framework is intended to provide clear signposts to assist schools in mapping a journey towards inclusion. It supports the good work that has been on-going in schools and is a practical resource that invites schools to critically reflect and evaluate the ways in which inclusive values and practices are manifested within the school and classrooms.

The Framework covers ten core areas:
1. Leadership and Management
2. Whole-School Development Planning
3. Whole-School Environment
4. Communication
5. Pupil and Staff Wellbeing
6. Curriculum Planning for Inclusion
7. Individualised Education Planning
8. Teaching and Learning Strategies
9. Classroom Management
10. Support for and Recognition of Learning

A draft of this Inclusive Framework is currently being piloted in ten schools around the country. The views of school personnel involved in the pilot as well as other educational stakeholders are being sought to ensure that the Framework and the self-assessment template is as comprehensive, user friendly and appropriate as possible.

The inter-agency advisory group considered the report on both the pilot and consultation process (Conway, Amberson, & O'Sullivan, 2010) in order to finalise the Framework in Autumn 2010. It is expected that a final version of the Framework will be presented to the Council of the NCSE in October 2010. The NCSE will then engage in an information campaign to encourage the utilisation of the Framework within schools.
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