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Faisal W;Soliman GM;Hamdan AM;
Journal Of Liposome Research
Enhanced skin deposition and delivery of voriconazole using ethosomal preparations.
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Despite its broad-spectrum antifungal properties, voriconazole has many side effects when administered systemically. The aim of this work was to develop an ethosomal topical delivery system for voriconazole and test its potential to enhance the antifungal properties and skin delivery of the drug. Voriconazole was encapsulated into various ethosomal preparations and the effect of phospholipid and ethanol concentrations on the ethosomes properties were evaluated. The ethosomes were evaluated for drug encapsulation efficiency, particle size and morphology and antifungal efficacy. Drug permeability and deposition were tested in rat abdominal skin. Drug encapsulation efficiency of up to 46% was obtained and it increased with increasing the phospholipid concentration, whereas the opposite effect was observed for the ethanol concentration. The ethosomes had a size of 420-600¿nm and negative zeta potential. The particle size of the ethosomes increased by increasing their ethanol content. The ethosomes achieved similar inhibition zones against Aspergillus flavus at a 2-fold lower drug concentration compared with drug solution in dimethyl sulfoxide. The ex vivo drug permeability through rat abdominal skin was ~6-fold higher for the ethosomes compared with the drug hydroalcoholic solution. Similarly, the amount of drug deposited in the skin was higher for the ethosomes and was dependent on the ethanol concentration of the ethosomes. These results confirm that voriconazole ethosomal preparations are promising topical delivery systems that can enhance the drug antifungal efficacy and improve its skin delivery.
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