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O' Dwyer S;Ni Riordain R
Irish Journal of Medicine
The patient experience of dental implant surgery: a literature review of pertinent qualitative studies.
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This review aims to identify and summarise the findings of published qualitative studies relating to patients' experiences of dental implant surgery, by means of textual narrative synthesis. A comprehensive two-stage electronic and manual search of the literature identified relevant qualitative studies up to January 2020. Included primary studies (n=15) used qualitative research methods including interviews and focus groups to investigate patients' experiences of dental implant treatment. They looked at the experience of tooth loss, the decision making process, the pre-implant experience, motivating factors and barriers for treatment and the post-implant experience with the prosthesis. There is a deficiency in the exploration of the patients' intraoperative dental surgical experience and the adjunctive effects of conscious sedation. The included studies give considerable insight into patients' experiences of the dental implant journey, which in the main, had overall positive consensus. The limited information available regarding patients' experience of the intra operative dental implant surgery with or without conscious sedation warrants further investigation. This information is a fundamental step to understanding the patients' preferences, needs and values and ultimately enhancing the quality of patient care.
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